Local Beer & Wine e-Bike Tours


Local Beer & Wine e-Bike Tours are really fun. Enjoy the outdoor California life Style and weather! At your own pace too! Try a couple of our mapped out plans below!!!! San Diego is known as having of the most dynamic craft beer scenes in America and arguably the world.  With 115 wineries and more opening!!  San Diego’s reputation for wine is starting to rival the fame of its craft beer scene.

An abundance of local options within a few miles of the Plantation Beach Cottage offer an easy a tour of some of our hand picked spots to make for a perfect afternoon.  One of the best parts isn’t the just the destination, but the journey!   We get a real kick our of renting electric bikes from San Diego Electric Bike Company  it is the perfect way to tour.  These cool bikes make peddling optional as you cruise up and down the coastal 101 and have great range! We tried it and love it.

Download these custom google maps for your route as compiled by a true local.  These maps will not only provide coordinations and reviews of each way point but our own perspective on each spot. For the non Google Map enthusiast below is a summary of each adventure.

Beer Lover eBike Tours. Give it a Try and Post about your experience and review the stops! Have fun!


Wine Lovers eBike Tour. Give the mapped tour below a try and lets us know about your experience!




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